2024 – April Start Courses

Courses starting on 22nd April 2024 are now closed for registrations

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  • Understanding Human Environments in British Prehistory (ARCH009)
  • Danebury and South Cadbury: Two Iron Age Hillforts in Southern Britain (ARCH017)
  • Neolithic Prehistory in Britain: Early Neolithic Farmers, 4500BC-3200BC (ARCH031)
  • Britain in the Iron Age: Contact, Communication and Trade (ARCH035)



  • Ancient Egyptian Hieroglyphs for Beginners (EGPT009)
  • Ancient Egyptian Hieroglyphs – Intermediate (EGPT050)

The Pyramids

History and Heritage

  • The Victorian City in History, Literature and Art (HIST009)
  • Introduction to British Folklore (HIST051)
  • Intermediate British Folklore: Working practically with the subject (HIST052)
  • The Plantagenets at Home and Abroad: Courts, Conflict and Culture (HIST053)
  • Introduction to British Witchcraft (HIST055)

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  • Dorothy L. Sayers: Her Life and Crimes in Historical Context (LITR034)

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Continuing Professional Development (CPD)


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