Our History

For many years the University of Exeter* ran a successful continuing education distance learning programme offering short courses, and thousands of learners undertook hundreds of courses. In May 2018 the University of Exeter* closed that programme. Those who taught on the programme had had lots of feedback from learners over the years about how much they enjoyed the courses, and they didn’t want that to be the end of the courses, so Learn for Pleasure was born to pick up where the University of Exeter* left off, to continue to offer continuing education distance learning short courses. At the time of Learn for Pleasure’s launch, December 2018, all of our current tutors previously taught on the University of Exeter’s* continuing education distance learning programme.

Please note that as many of our courses were previously offered by the University of Exeter*, if you have previously studied a particular course via the University of Exeter* you might not wish to study it again with Learn for Pleasure as although we have revised and updated our courses where necessary, it will likely be substantively the same. If a course was previously run by the University of Exeter* this will be noted in the course description.