Archaeology Courses


Current Archaeology Courses

Please see individual course pages for detailed information and start dates.

Future Archaeology Courses

  • (ARCH030) The Mesolithic Period in Britain and North West Europe: Hunters, Foragers and Fishers, 16000BC-4000BC
  • (ARCH031) Neolithic Prehistory in Britain: Early Neolithic Farmers, 4500BC-3200BC
  • (ARCH032) Britain in the Bronze Age: Earlier Period – Monuments, Ritual and Round Barrows, 2500BC-1600BC
  • (ARCH033) Britain in the Bronze Age: Later Period – Farmsteads, Hoards and Hierarchy, 1600BC-800BC
  • (ARCH034) Britain in the Iron Age: Iron Working and Settlement
  • (ARCH036) Town and Country in Roman Britain

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