Mark Norman

Mark Norman

Mark Norman is an independent folklore researcher and author. He is an elected council member of The Folklore Society , the UK’s oldest academic society for the study of folklore and its associated disciplines.

Mark is also the creator and host of The Folklore Podcast . Having been downloaded over one million times since its launch in 2016, this podcast is considered to be a key resource for the subject and statistically lies within the top 10% of programmes in its area. It approaches its subject with broad appeal, but with academic rigour.

Amongst his published works in the fields of folklore are the books ‘Black Dog Folklore’ (Troy Books, 2016) and ‘Telling the Bees and other Customs’ (The History Press, 2020) . Mark has contributed to other books and magazines on areas of folklore and traditional belief. He holds the UK’s largest archive of material related to the Black Dog.

Mark also writes a regular folklore column for The Moorlander newspaper.

Mark teaches: