(CPD004) PR & Marketing Fundamentals

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This is a Continuing Professional Development (CPD) course.

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Price £70.00

Tutor: Esther Ardagh-Ptolomey
Course Code: CPD004
Level: Non-accredited, non-credit bearing
Assessments/Exams: None. Throughout the course you will be given ideas and questions to respond to in the online discussion area and practical tasks to undertake.
Duration: 7 weeks
Estimated Student Study Time: 2 – 3 hours per week are recommended, but time spent is flexible and at your discretion.
Price: £70.00.
Pre-Requisite Course(s): None
Delivery: Online Distance Learning
Late Entrants: If this course is not full by the start date then late entrants will be accepted for up to two weeks after the start of the course. As a late entrant you can choose to catch up on the material you have missed or you can skip the missed weeks and concentrate on the material at the point where you join the course, but unfortunately we cannot offer fee reductions or course extensions for late entrants.
Required Reading**: None


If you’re in the process of setting up a business, and your budget is tight, you’ll be navigating the complexities of Marketing and PR and wondering where to start without paying for external help. This course is for you.

Providing a solid start in the core areas every business needs to focus on from the start, this course doesn’t just give you a broad understanding of how Marketing and PR works, but also the practical tools to get started without overloading you with more than you can realistically get done.

Syllabus Plan

Week 1: PR

How to write a solid press release, and what it should look like. Building contacts, and how to take the work out of getting your brand out there. A look at Reactive and Proactive PR. What stories get the most attention, and how to write a good headline.

Week 2: Advertising

We take a look at print v digital advertising and how they work. We’ll take you step by step through building a Facebook Advert, and discuss how this needs to form just one part of a larger campaign.

Week 3: Why you need to know your Funnels

We’ll discuss funnels, what they’re for, and how they work.

Week 4: Social Media

How building a community helps your brand. What tools make this quicker and easier for you?

Week 5: Newsletters

One of the most successful methods of marketing, but how do you build your list, and what should your newsletter look like?

Week 6: Website fundamentals

What basic things do you need to know before building your site. Why do experts recommend WordPress over Wix and Squarespace? How can you make your website impactful, effective, and secure – all without coding?

Week 7: SEO

What is SEO and what is it for? How can you drive your website further up the Google results pages? The difference between on site and off site SEO, and why content is king.