Tina Tuohy

Tutor Tina TuohyDr Tina Tuohy started life as an art student studying Fine Art and Textile Production in London. After getting married, moving to Plymouth and raising a family, she went back to education via what was then the University of Exeter’s ‘Department of Extra Mural Studies’. She later became a full time student at Exeter and went on to graduate in Single Honours Archaeology.

In 1990 Tina went on to do a course in Wetland Archaeology at Leiden University in the Netherlands before continuing as a postgraduate at Exeter where, in 1996, she received her PhD on the study of Iron Age Weaving combs. Tina’s special area of study is the 1st Millennium BC and Later Prehistoric Crafts in Britain and North West Europe. More recently she has become interested in the different uses of antler in prehistory.

Tina worked as a part time lecturer for the University of Exeter for sixteen years and for Bristol University for four years. Locally, she is involved in Widening Horizons projects which introduce archaeology to primary school children and local community groups, and has also led a short course on the Archaeology of Dartmoor for visually impaired students.

Courses delivered by Tina:


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